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Minto Industries was formed in 1974, and entering in to the state of the art in manufacturing of fabricated items with a goal of Less Profit Big Turnover.

Yes, the dream of founder turned into reality by establishing a name for itself as a reliable manufacturer's fabrication of Pipe Fitting, Assemblies and Vacuum Components Turn key Project, Conflact Flanges and Vacuum Chambers.

Our achievements have been picturerised by meeting our commitments and maintaining the highest standards of quality for our valued clients of Private, Public, Government, Semi Government Institutions And Project Works.

We at Minto take special care in understanding the clients needs... selects, inspects, guaranteed and certifies each and every product handled by the delivery. Keeping quality and customer satisfaction as the top most concern, today Minto Industries is poised to become foremost player in their chosen field.

Minto has built an exceptional organization to meet modern industry's growing demand for better quality of work and techniques, with keeping the users parameters in mind.

The fabrication shop of Minto is equipped with excellent facilities for Material handling, machinery assembling, welding, testing and finishing. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrication job of vacuum components.

A special emphasis is placed on the skill of the personnel with continuous in house training programs. Our all employees are qualified and well trained people.

If you find that you have additional questions or problem after reviewing our site, please contact our plant engineering technical assistance and your request will be taken care of.

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