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M. S. Shielding sliding type doors of 150mm thick installed for Radioactive Raise Preventive area. The doors shall be complete with wheel drive mechanism on the rail with drive motors, trailing power cable etc. Security latch and locks, inter locking, Guide roll / bearing with supporting structure for preventing toppling all as per technical specification and requirement of Health Physics Division. The door shall have at least 15cm of overlapping on the three side of door opening when shielding door is in close possition.

Low Level Radioactive Cell Waste Transportation System

The LL Product transportation system (LLPTS) assembly which will be used for removing product drums from a low level radioactive cell, transporting them to storage site and unloading the same in trench in shielded manner. Mainly consists of three modules viz. Lifting module, Transportation unit and loading /unloading platforms. The transportation unit is basically a bottom loading cask and houses a rugged idle roller conveyor segment to accommodate and handling of four product drums. The unit has to be positioned over loading platform for loading the drums onto the conveyor. Loading platform is positioned over the product removal port permanently and has provision for drives for cask and its own door, their travel limit sensors and guides for locating the transportation unit. Unloading platform at disposal site is similar to the above. Lifting module consists of an electric chain hoist for drum hoisting and lowering, a pneumatic hose real  through which air can be supplied to the pneumatic grapple, and lifting structure. Sensors for hoist limits are mounted on this pannel will be plugged to lifting and loading modules during operation, Bottom cask door and a shielding sliding door on loading/unloading platform are opened together by a pneumatic cylinder.

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